Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Weekend Fast update

So my weekend started out with a bang. Actually, I picked up some form of the stomach flu so I was vomiting ALL DAY SATURDAY. Safe to say that our housewarming/Christmas party was a little awkward, with me trapesing to and from the bathroom every 20 minutes. So yes, I suppose Saturday was a success. I didn't consume anything at all thanks to that blessing/curse of a stomach flu. I was miserable. Sunday I kept it simple. Lots and LOTS of water to keep me hydrated after Saturday and a couple of sips of apple juice that my concerned roomie thrust upon me. S'okay, I know she was only trying to make me feel better. And then yesterday. I was scheduled to work most of the day at the restaurant where I serve so I was pretty stoked on running around like a chicken with my head cut off for most of the day. Ach, but it rained! The place was pretty dead most of the day, so of course the kitchen showered me with food (and noticed what I was and wasn't eating). Most of them are pretty indifferent, but there is one lady who washes dishes who is like a grandmother figure to most of us! She is so adorable and super sweet and ALWAYS TRYING TO FEED ME. Thankfully, I told her I wasn't feeling well this past weekend so she only brought out and forced a small clear broth veggie soup. Thank goodness. 

Welllllll results? I am down 6lbs after this weekends fast. I'm pretty pleased but it certainly isn't enough. I am planning on sticking to fruit and broth today amidst cleaning and Christmas shopping. Under 800. I NEED to get to the gym today, or at least out for a run! Aghfdjkfhd.... whattta crazy time of year. 


ps. I'm lonely. I miss boyfriend. 


  1. wow 6lbs from one weekend? Thats great! congrats! ive been fasting all weekend & only lost 2lbs. but then again...period bloat so idk. either case gud luck & stay strong<3 & hope u feel better

  2. Well I'm also coming off of period bloat--- so it's probably slightly elevated! eeeehhj... why can't girls just not menstruate?

  3. Hi Grace,
    you did so well on the control :)